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JOLT tech: ▪︎CAL – Our proprietary ROI calculator

▪︎CAL :

Game-Changing Media Planning

A commonly held maxim in advertising is “I know that half of my advertising is wasted, the trouble is I just don’t know which half”. This quote, originally attributed to the retailer John Wanamaker, has for many years summed up clients’ frustration with advertising. 

And whilst we now have more understanding of how advertising works, we still lack the granular detail of how each dollar of advertising spend drives positive business outcomes.

With this in mind JOLT decided to create a planning and measurement tool that allows businesses to predict the ROI on their digital advertising investment with us.

J-CAL has been optimising hundreds of media plans to deliver the highest ROAS since 2020

• Determine the most ROI optimal channel mix

• Create ROI generation scenarios for the campaign

Plus, it will help make it easier for both you and the business to understand the results and prove spend effectiveness where traditionally it has been difficult to justify marketing investment – particularly outside of the marketing functions.

• Visualising campaign results in an intuitive dashboard

• Providing shareable reporting tools to prove the impact of your campaigns on top line sales

Such planning tools are currently only accessible via Marketing Mix Modelling – normally available just once a year due to the high cost associated with it.

JOLT is changing the game by creating a tool that will be used for each campaign to re-invent how media planning should be done.

We will be more than happy to show you what our proprietary ROI calculator can do for your brand.

Get in touch with us here today.

“I know that half of my advertising is wasted, the trouble is I just don’t know which half”

John Wanamaker

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Digital Media Buying

Few agencies even consider offering at-cost media buying, choosing instead to build relationships with preferred suppliers with volume discounts and incentives that the client never sees.

At JOLT we wanted to change the game by being completely neutral in our choice of suppliers and only elect the most appropriate media to suit your business – passing on any negotiated efficiencies directly.

Built-in ongoing campaign optimisation is also a significant part of our media-buying decision making process so we can deliver the best results throughout and ensure the most bang for your bucks.


Google Adwords and organic search are considered the foundations of digital campaigns. However, they have become increasingly complex to use. Over the past 8 years alone the number of levers in Google Adwords has increased 20 fold.

At JOLT we use a unique tool that automates all these levers so your campaigns can be optimised daily and deliver better results.

Beyond that we know how to optimise keywords and bidding strategy to deliver the results you need – either driving sales, leads or simply putting your brand naturally in the #1 position of any search.

Social Media Marketing

According to Statista in Q2 2020, Facebook reported 2.7 billion monthly active users.

Social platforms are an undeniably important part of any digital plan.
Increasingly complex, they continue to evolve with new formats, algorithms and buying methods.

Our experts stay up to speed with the latest advancements, easily navigating what’s available to build tailored social media marketing plans that achieve your objectives.

Influencer Marketing

Forrester estimates that brands will spend 60-70% more on influencer marketing by 2022. BUT, it is truly a minefield out there. With increasing options to choose from, it’s often not clear who is the real deal.

We have the tools to navigate the options and determine who is able to deliver authentic messages that are on brand for you. And we know how to match solutions to a wide variety of objectives throughout your consumer or customer journey.

Digital AdTech & MarTech Curation and Execution

According to the leading authority in AdTech & MarTech (Chiefmartec), there were well over 8,000 AdTech and MarTech companies to choose from in 2020.

The choice is overwhelming and it’s increasing dramatically every year (comparatively there were just 150 in 2011).

JOLT does the legwork and finds the best way to navigate through. Our ongoing rigorous filter process means that we understand and bring our clients the best of the best tried-and-tested tech, that’s most suitable for their needs. Our clients today see us as the perfect balance of media strategy expertise and optimised tech-tool curators.

Communication and Connections Planning

Increasingly we are being tasked with leading our clients’ communications and connections planning and helping align their other agencies. With our expertise in marrying consumer know-how with tech we are able to optimise plans through more engaging and purposeful communication with a tailored messaging framework that provides clarity and purpose to activations across all platforms.

Digital Media Planning

Great digital media planning should always start with the key consumer insight(s) in order to build the most appropriate and effective strategic plans. This is fundamental to JOLT’s approach in recommending the best combination and deployment of digital platforms to engage your target audience. We also help you allocate your digital media budget across these platforms to optimise ROI. Check out our in-development tool which will further boost effectiveness for future media planning: the ▪︎CAL – our proprietary ROI calculator!

Performance Marketing

Whether you sell products direct to consumers via e-commerce or through marketplaces or both, we know how to analyse your efforts to go beyond the clicks. As such we are able to create optimized plans that are reviewed and improved daily by our experts across both mainstream digital as well as AdTech platforms.

B2B Marketing & Lead Generation

B2B marketing can be a more complex challenge. It requires your marketing to tap into a more niche target audience of professionals who are difficult to engage via a more limited choice of platforms. At JOLT we work with multiple B2B clients to generate more leads at a lower cost, our expertise proving time and again that we can surpass expectations.

JOLT Tech: ROI Calculator

Wouldn’t it be amazing if your plans could deliver the highest ROI possible and we could predict it for you? This is where ▪︎CAL comes into play. We believe it will game-change the way media planning is done for good.

Check it out below.