Digital Marketing Playbooks


Pay-per-click refers to advertisers bidding for an ad placement in a search engine and paying a fee each time their ads are clicked.


SEO refers to the practice of optimising your content to improve the rankings of your website on Google’s Organic Search Results.

Paid Social

Paid Social uses sponsored content in the form of text, image, video and carousel etc. to reach specific audience segments on social channels


Through Google Display Network, you can reach your target audience by displaying visual banner ads across 2 million Google partnered sites.

Influencer Marketing

A type of social media marketing that leverages endorsements from individuals who are perceived as as experts within their niche.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing complements your marketing activities and it is one tactic directly linked to sales. It provides a 100% return on your investment.

What to expect in each playbook

We want to give you the theory but also the practice. Execution is one of the most important thing in a digital marketing campaign!

We start by laying down the strategic foundations and explaining which digital channel is the best to achieve your objectives. Then we explain in a very practical way how to plan each of the channels and how to optimize them.

Finally we cover the measurement part as it’s critical to see how successful is your campaign and how to improve it in the future.

Because we believe theory is only one side of the coin, we have added some best practices for you.