Case Studies:

Programmatic Predictive

The Challenge

In a very cluttered and competitive category Wine Connection were looking to boost ticket sales for their wine fair event whilst also generating additional online wine sales.

Our Solution

We created online customised audiences through predictive modelling (based on specific behavioural and contextual criteria to pinpoint and target only those interested in the offering).

Our Results

All KPIs surpassed with:

Weekly Conversions (vs 2018)
+ 0 %
Unique Users Reached
(50% of the entire Singapore population)
Return On Advertising Spends
i.e. for every $1 invested in this campaign, we generated $7.22 of sales.

Case Studies: The proof is in the pudding

Deterministic Mobile Targeting

Programmatic Predictive

SEM Automation

B2B Lead Generation

Share of Search

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Building a Brand via Social

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Agility at its core