Our Scientific Approach to Media Planning

Imagine if you could predict campaign ROAS and deliver the best performing media plan

Our proprietary planning & measurement technology that enables campaigns to achieve greater business outcomes by predicting ROAS.

Our latest iteration of J-CAL, enabling optimization of live campaigns using actual performance data.

How J-CAL works?

J-CAL lets planners optimise their media mix against sales revenue. So in addition to planning against media metrics we can plan against ROAS.

Based on a wide range of parameters, e.g. markets, channels, baselines, J-CAL will optimise a total media budget across channels in order to deliver the highest ROAS

J-CAL is based on an analysis of thousands of data points across 5 years. We modelled the data to create response curves. Each curve has been calibrated to each market media specificity.

See It In Action

How are J-CAL & J-CAL Live Changing the Game

An alternative to Marketing Mix Models

Traditional Marketing Mix Models (MMMs) are known for their high costs, lengthy development time of 6 to 9 months, and the need for a significant amount of data.

Remove the guess Work

By using J-CAL, you will gain access to media planning, based not only on traditional media planning metrics but also optimised for ROAS.

Grow your sales but also your brand

Our expert planners will use J-CAL to explore multiple media plan scenarios identifying the most optimal budget mix to maximise your campaign’s success.

Optimise your campaign after launch

With J-CAL Live, you gain the ability to accomplish just that by leveraging real-time performance data from your ongoing campaign.

Our Scientific Approach to Media Planning