Relentless efforts, teamwork and a vision for a new agency model – The story of JOLT’s success

Asian-born JOLT Digital was created because of the increasing need to change up the media agency offer. At its heart is a passionate drive to significantly improve both service and results for marketers globally – building stronger competitive advantage, maximising ROI and growing businesses and brands. Founder Seb Lepez set up the company after a long career at both agency and client side.

JOLT was born.
To jolt the age-old model. To jolt the industry. To find ways to maximise media budget – harnessing the power of both strong strategy and precisely where needed, a vast array of tech innovations without which in today’s rapidly evolving media landscape brands would be left increasingly vulnerable. And what better part of the world to start than in Asia – the forefront of progressive, mobile-first marketing and innovation; less married to tradition and traditional models. JOLT is an agency that truly understands the challenges facing todays marketers to ensure both short term wins as well as long term brand-building.

How did the journey begin:
Yes, it took us pitches after pitches. There are no short cuts to hard work and perseverance! We told and retold our story to prospective clients we met, saying Digital marketing is here to game-change the way marketing is done and we are here to help you game-change your Digital marketing. Many of the prospects we met were hesitant to shake up from the traditional channels of Television, Print, mainstream digital, etc. Whilst many of them were already very eager to try and test new ways of doing Digital media and innovation. However, they did not have the capabilities of starting Digital in house or were disappointed by the big agency networks and were looking for an alternative.

We grew together:
We assured them we will grow together, and we will deliver strong strategies, innovation and excellence in execution; we were a small and dedicated team and the clients had limited budgets. They wanted to market their products despite the budget limitations. We proposed to embrace Digital and its biggest landscape of AdTech opportunities. We proposed to Game-change their Digital media! And we had some amazing successes! We signed a couple F&B clients for their Digital Media activities. In the first week for one of our clients to get them present on Social media the small JOLT team at the time, created 50 FB and IG pages in just a week!

It was just the beginning. We had small to mid-sized clients on board now at the end of year one.

How did we continue to grow further:
We continued exploring the market. Our work spoke for us. We started getting referred to by our clients and business partners to new prospects. Of course, we were not shy to pitch and pitch more.

Telling the clients our story, how JOLT is game-changing the media agency industry but also helping clients see the bigger picture: how Digital is transforming marketing. Digital can help all along the consumer journey (just like Offline media does) and JOLT can help to embrace Digital in a game-changing way with the help of JOLT’s curated AdTech to boost performance and ROI.

Some of the key points we stressed on were:

  • Digital helps a brand to stand out
  • Allows you to uncover consumer insights
  • Mobile consumption and mobile marketing are only going to grow further
  • Digital can build strong communities
  • Consistent engagement with consumers to build loyalty
  • Use the power of videos, influencer marketing and UGC (User Generated Content)
  • Leverage AdTech companies that are brilliant at what they are doing and eager to help brands

Did we succeed:
Yes, the clients we met understood the need to shift their media investments more to Digital but in a different way, and signed us for their Digital media duties. Furthermore “2020” reiterated our belief to our existing clients and they were happy they had found an agency that drives Digital media in a different way, in a game-changing way.

We are here to stay:
The very recent proof we are here to stay and compete with the big names in the Digital media agency industry is that McCormick Asia has reassigned the Digital, Social and E-Commerce duties to us for the 2nd consecutive year in 2021. Another big name to mention is TPG, with whom we started as a test and trial for 3 months in 2020 and we have won their Digital business for the entire 2021.

We are extremely proud to have a wide range of clients in just 2 years which include not only big names in FMCG, but clients across various industries which are from F&B, Technology, Education and Sustainability. And there is more to come! Soon we are about to announce the launch of J-CAL, our proprietary technology, that is going to game-change media planning!

“We are soon coming to other markets in South East Asia and we will strive to game-change Digital advertising in those markets as well” says Seb Lepez, our Founder & CEO.

Anuradha Lal
Planning Manager at JOLT Digital

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