How to solve top 3 digital marketing challenges?

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Jolt Digital launched in June 2018 and has worked with big and small brands across Asia Pacific. From the work we have done with clients and discussions we had with other brands, we discovered that many brands are facing similar challenges:

  1. How to find new ways of creating content?
  2. How to increase digital ROI?
  3. How to uncover insights through data?

Let’s detail here the solutions that will help you overcome these challenges.

1. How to find new ways of creating content?

Is the old model of creating every single piece of content, from hero to hygiene content, with your creative agency still valid?

Do you feel you should pay thousands of dollars for creating only few Facebook posts? When your content goes live, do you cross your fingers that the content will perform well? Shouldn’t it be amazing to predict without spending a dollar, which piece of content will perform before it goes live? Do you need more content variations in order to talk to your target audience in a personalized manner?

All of these questions are valid and more and more top of mind now that digital investments are constantly increasing but your overall marketing budgets are flat or decreasing. There is nowadays a way to address all these questions and drive not only efficiency but also to increase content effectiveness.

This is now possible by leveraging artificial intelligence. Machines are here to analyse all your content across all formats and predict which ones will deliver your clicks, views, app install, engagement rate, etc. No more A/B testing, but instead rely on data before going live.

Content creation powered by AI is, no doubt, the future but you will still need a mix of push and pull content. Pull content nowadays comes from your consumers, from real people. We recommend creating and activating authentic content via micro-influencers, that will deliver higher engagement (e.g. 3% engagement rate vs. 1.7% benchmark) for less dollars.

We have ways to recruit the best micro-influencers for your brand and activate the content they create via their social channels. If you don’t want to post on influencers’ social channels, that’s ok, but make sure you include in your content mix some pull content that drives authenticity and strengthen the relationship between the brand and the consumer.

2. How to increase digital ROI?

Gone are the days where your marketing budgets will increase every year. We now live in a world where we need to deliver more for less. ROI is the key of media and advertising and it needs to increase, especially on digital where we now have so much data available therefore much more potential to increase the ROI.

There is a way now to find out who your new consumers are and engage only those ‘winning horses’. You can do that by leveraging data to learn who your consumers are and then use predictive modelling to predict who will be the consumers worth converting.

Once you know who to bid on and who not to bid on, you will subsequently increase the ROI of your advertising. For example, you will be able to reduce your CPA or increase the average basket value.

In SEA, 76% of people access internet only via their mobile phones (source: GWI). In our region mobile is critical to be relevant to consumers and have them to take action.

However, consumers are already on high demand by many: friends, family, brands, etc.

What about if you could target only people who have a high affinity with your products? How would you know that, you’d ask me? It’s simple: read people’s activity on their mobile through the apps they are regularly using and through the websites they browse. Then you will be able to define precise targeting criteria that will ensure you only talk to consumers who are interested in your products.

Results are really good as it’s so targeted. You can expect a CTR of 9%, VTR of 60%.

3. How to uncover insights through data?

Insights use to come only from focus groups or commissioned research. These methods are still very valid but what about real time insights? What if you could leverage data to find insights from people’s activity on the web? This would be real time, completely objective and a way to complement insights from traditional researches.

This is now possible and not only for brands that have data specialists.

Learn about your consumers through mobile apps they are using frequently, from websites they are browsing on their phone. A mobile phone is a mirror of someone’s personality. Why don’t you use it to uncover insights about your audience?

When consumers are visiting your website, you can re-engage them via re-marketing and convince them to take the action they have done yet. What about if you knew which websites, beyond yours, they have been to, which key words they have searched for, which category they are interested in, which part of the country they live in?

This is possible and it will not only help you find consumer insights but you can also leverage these to start engaging them in a precise and unique way.

At Jolt Digital we help brands with digital transformation and digital innovation in order to increase ROI of advertising.

We partner with tested tech companies to leverage AI, Machine Learning, Predictive and solve some of the brands’ digital marketing challenges.
We can help you solve your digital marketing challenges in 3 ways:

  1. With a project on digital transformation. Typically, tasks that your digital marketing team haven’t got time to do, we can do it for you.
  2. With a proof of concept on digital innovation. Increase further the performance of your digital marketing activities
  3. With a workshop with tech partners. Open your team’s mind on what’s available out there and see how they can start using it.

Get it touch and let’s Jolt it!

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