Growing a startup in the Covid-19 era

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It’s been a long time that I haven’t written an article and the more I waited the more I found it difficult!

So, that’s it! I’m back to it and thought that it would be nice to share my experience as an entrepreneur and how it has been for me and the team to create a business from scratch.

To start on this, hopefully, long series of articles, no better topics than how we’ve managed to survive and actually grow in this very challenging moment we live in: Covid-19.

Like other companies, we were also hit by the Covid-19.

In February, our biggest client told us that they won’t have the level of budget they announced before: reduction by 4! On top of that about 5 to 6 clients, we were about to sign informed us that either they were hit financially and couldn’t afford to run campaigns any more or were not able to make a decision in this uncertain time.

This is when I realized that I needed to tap into the skill I found critical when I launched my startup: Resilience. Never stop, never leave any stones unturned, explore every opportunity.

I decided to work with existing clients and see how we could help them further.

This would help drive organic growth for Jolt Digital. It worked! It resulted in new initiatives and new campaigns.

Then I realized that I was contacted more and more by people who lost their jobs or wanted to do something different. This is when I thought that there are some very skilled and talented people out there who could help me execute the vision I have for Jolt.

I subsequently hired someone to look after business development and also hired another person to become an advisor for our marketing and growth initiatives. It would be a shame not to be able to leverage these amazing skills and people I really liked working with in the past.

What I learned here is to keep my vision in sight and to find ways to execute it with extra pairs of skilled hands.

Resilience, keeping my vision in sight and adapt quickly are the 3 things that this tough period has reminded me of. But above all, let’s not forget my amazing team without whom I would be lost and who are really good at what they are doing.

This makes me think of what Steve Jobs used to say:

“It doesn’t make sense to hire smart people and tell them what to do; we hire smart people so they can tell us what to do.”

The smartest leaders have the uncanny ability to hire people who are much smarter than they are, who will push them through diverse thinking and drive their business forward.

Thanks for reading and let me now think of the next article!

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