Client success formula – Speed, Agility, and Decisiveness

Speed and Agility is thrown around a lot these days, and for good reason – as Charles Darwin famously put it, “it is not the strongest of species that survive, but one that is most adaptable to change’. And if we zoom in on the word ‘adaptable’, it refers to the ability to conform and thrive to new conditions. 

Evolutionary science aside, we at JOLT believe this rings true to brands and businesses who operate in a highly dynamic environment, and as such, speed and agility are essential for brands to be an active participant instead of a spectator. 

In practical terms, the time at our disposal is finite, so we at JOLT constantly review and assess the planning and reporting processes that can be streamlined, automated, or completely done away with in the interest of client objectives, so as to give ourselves more leeway to be the nimble partner help brands navigate and thrive in a dynamic setting. 

A recent example is for one of our telco clients – TPG, who were planning for their first anniversary announcement, and roped us in on a Friday evening to put together an impactful awareness plan to launch by the following week. We recognised that this was a business-critical task so managed to rally the team to deliver and launch a plan spanning YouTube Masthead, Rich Media, and Mobile early in the following week, ahead of schedule, whilst ensuring business continuity to the other campaigns that were ongoing. Despite this mammoth undertaking, the campaign launched as planned and delivered a huge awareness boost to TPG’s anniversary celebrations.

In addition to planning for and launching campaigns, we manifest this agile spirit in the running and optimising of campaigns as well – upweighting or down weighting platforms based on their performance, cycling creatives that aren’t delivering, targeting new audience segments at the first sign of creative fatigue, all decisions taken in partnership with the client at our weekly check-ins (or impromptu conversations over Slack or WhatsApp!).

It is a bit harder going at times when our self-imposed deadlines loom large, but we think the benefits far outweigh the extra effort. Every client success is our success, and it is the attention to detail, nimbleness, and decisiveness that grant us the little wins that eventually turn into massive (commercial) wins. We relish the opportunity to continue providing impactful digital planning services to clients, and to be the nimble partner that enables brands to thrive in today’s evolving landscape.

Jonathan Ng
Strategy & Planning Director at JOLT Digital

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