Are workshops still worth it?

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Recently I received an out of office email saying “I am in a workshop for the entire week”.

It started to remind me of my corporate days and I asked myself if the value created during workshops is worth it compared to what each individual could have achieved on their own during a week of work?

Many workshops are a ‘get together’ excuse and there are not many of them that will focus on the actions after and the results. I have seen it before many times where there are no real changes after the workshop and sometimes it is more an opportunity for some people to check a box with their boss that the new processes, solutions have been deployed to the teams or we have involved them to co-create. In reality there is often a different perspective between teams on why we would need the workshop and what is the desired output.

What we need is impact, execution by teams therefore it is essential to be focused on the change the workshop is going to bring and the actionable next steps. Some organisations feel they are moving to the right direction because they are doing a workshop with everyone. The reality is that not everyone is aligned deep inside themselves on the necessity of having a workshop and they see it more as a way to raise the awareness of the challenges to solve rather than solving it.

Before you rush to organise a workshop, you need to make sure there is a clear objective, that people have been made aware of the challenges that need to be solved and that everyone knows what success looks like at the end of the workshop. Make it as practical as possible but still inspirational.

That’s how at Jolt Digital we build all our workshops. We want brands’ teams to not only understand that technology is changing the marketing game but also to co-create together in order to leave with a SMART workplan that will increase your marketing ROI and performances.


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