Apple iOS 14 update: Its Impact on Facebook Ads & What You Can Do About It

Apple has released the new iOS14 and digital advertisers are beginning to realise its impact.

If that’s you, read on to see what you can do to adapt. 

What is the Apple IOS 14 update?

Simply put, new privacy measures are in place, and Apps are required to get explicit consent from users to allow them to be tracked.

If you are an Apple user, you have probably seen this pop-up. Apps are going to ask you for permission to collect your data.

For users, this notification doesn’t provide any context to what will be tracked and the kneejerk reaction for most is to opt out because they value their privacy and want more control over how their data is collected. 

So, What’s the impact?

Most business owners are going to be a casualty of this change and being aware of them will help you to make better decisions.

Here are some of the impacts.

  1. Lesser targeting accuracy
  2. Delay in data reporting,
  3. Smaller pool of retargeting audience
  4. No more reporting on the delivery and action breakdowns of iOS 14 users. This includes age, gender, region, and ad placement.

Here are my top 4 suggestions for you to navigate around this update:

1. Watch your back-end sales/leads before deciding to pause any campaigns. People might still be converting but there is a possibility that you won’t be able to see those conversions real- time due to the delay in conversion reporting.

2. Test out broader targeting. Website custom audiences (including remarketing) are expected to reduce in size as people opt out of being tracked. Therefore, focus your efforts on testing broad audiences rather than retargeting to reach more users.

3. Leverage lookalikes on top of your retargeting efforts. Let’s say you are retargeting all site visitors at the moment, you may want to test out 1% or 2% lookalikes of all site visitors to increase the audience size. 

4. If you have a large existing customer base, consider uploading your customer list onto Ads Manager. You may either do your usual upsell/cross-sell to existing customers or create lookalikes of them and target people who are similar to your customers.

5. The last tip I have is to test out more videos if you have them. Since our ability to retarget site visitors is dramatically reduced, we may want to focus our retargeting efforts on how users have interacted with our content on Facebook.

For eg. Those who watched 50% of our videos, or those who have interacted with the ads you put out. These people have expressed a level of interest in your products/services and would be valuable to you. 

Instead of putting all your eggs into 1 basket, I would highly recommend you to focus on an omnichannel approach (Google, TikTok, Spotify etc).

That’s all from my end. I hope you find this post valuable, till next time!

Jonathan Pay
Head of Media Execution at JOLT Digital

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