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How will our Technologies boost your campaigns?

This list is not exhaustive, we work with more than 20 tech solutions. 

Mobile marketing is becoming more important due to the increased hours spent on the phone by consumers. With end-to-end access to integrated data and technologies, your brand has the ability now to understand the entire mobile user journey, and market across it. 

We can help you to discover unique insights about your users’ behaviour across websites and mobile apps. By doing so, you will be able to drive engagements among new and existing users and increase revenues from mobile assets.

‘Content is King’ – Said by Many

We would phrase it this way, ‘Content Creatives in Various Formats is King.’ We have the solution to create different formats of creatives aligned with your content strategy in a cost-efficient and timely manner.

These formats include images, videos, statics, Motion Graphics, HTML5 playables which can be distributed across major platforms such as Facebook, Youtube, Instagram and Google Ads. The performance of content will then be predicted using AI to ensure that you achieve higher ROAS for your creatives. 

Are you looking to develop a deep understanding of your customers’ behavior and automate the delivery of highly relevant marketing messages for them? If you are, we have the right tool.

While running your campaign, we can leverage on this tool which combines predictive customer analytics, AI optimization technologies and a multi-channel campaign execution engine, to deliver the right message to the right customer, through the right channel.

This leads to happy and loyal customers which ultimately drives higher customer spend, engagement, retention and lifetime value.

Understanding consumer behavior is one of the biggest variable to a successful digital marketing campaign. On top of running the media planning and buying campaigns, we can place an advanced pixel to uncover key insights about your consumers before segmenting them for better targeting and re-targeting. This includes demographics, interests, education, career or even employment status.

From there, we can create more sophisticated custom lookalike audiences to enhance your prospecting performance. This leads to lower CPAs and higher conversions for your campaigns. 

SEM is complicated, constantly changing, highly competitive and requires experts to maximise your investment. Despite its ever-changing nature, most agencies only monitor your campaigns on a bi-weekly to a monthly basis because it is very time-consuming.

We are different. We have access to a project managing optimisation tool which is automated and real-time. It allows us to quickly identify urgent fixes and opportunities that will help you achieve your campaign objectives in a timely fashion.

The checks are ready to go from day one and would take you a long time to set up. We estimate it takes 27.8 hours set up time and 10 hours daily to replicate our checks. So, you can safely rely on us to bring your SEM campaigns to the next level. 


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