What was the biggest hurdle you have faced as an entrepreneur

As part of the mini-podcast CallumConnects, our Founder & CEO, Sebastien Lepez, had the opportunity to explain the biggest challenge he faced when he launched JOLT Digital and how he solved it. Click here to listen to the podcast or below to read the transcript.  What was the biggest hurdle you have faced as an […]

Growing a startup in the Covid-19 era

3 min read. It’s been a long time that I haven’t written an article and the more I waited the more I found it difficult! So, that’s it! I’m back to it and thought that it would be nice to share my experience as an entrepreneur and how it has been for me and the […]

What I learnt from being a Tutor at Spikes Asia Digital Academy

4 min read. I was a tutor at Spikes academy for the second year but this year I was tutoring my favorite academy: Digital marketing. When I talk to people about Spikes and the digital academy, I realized that not everybody knows what this is about, so let me give a bit of context. I […]

Are workshops still worth it?

2 min read. Recently I received an out of office email saying “I am in a workshop for the entire week”. It started to remind me of my corporate days and I asked myself if the value created during workshops is worth it compared to what each individual could have achieved on their own during […]

Let’s put the consumer back in the centre thanks to data

2 min read. Since the era of TV advertising for the soap opera in the US in the 1950s, the consumer has been abused. All brands pushed commercials to consumers hoping they will gobble them and buy their products, regardless if they needed it or not. We thought we would be smarter with internet and […]

How to solve top 3 digital marketing challenges?

4 min read. Jolt Digital launched in June 2018 and has worked with big and small brands across Asia Pacific. From the work we have done with clients and discussions we had with other brands, we discovered that many brands are facing similar challenges: How to find new ways of creating content? How to increase […]