Performance marketing vs Brand marketing

At the beginning of March 2021, Airbnb, announced a shift in its marketing strategy. The shift was from Performance marketing to Brand marketing. This move piqued the interests of many marketers, and many are monitoring the effects of this decision. Before delving deeper into the topic, let us first understand what the key deliverables of […]

Behind Jolt Digital’s mission to bring more science to media planning

With strong competition between agencies, creating IP or technology is one strategy to standing out. The Drum speaks to JOLT Digital Founder Sebastien Lepez about his ambition to transform the media buying process, and win a few clients along the way. Independent agency JOLT Digital has launched its own planning tool, J-CAL, which aims to […]

JOLT Digital launches proprietary technology J-CAL

JOLT Digital officially announces the launch of its new media planning technology J-CAL, which allows marketers to create more effectiveness to their campaigns through calculated budget spend and expected return of ad spend (ROAS). J-CAL is customizable to each client’s specificities and works for any size budget. It has been built using thousands of data […]

2020 the year of change. My entry into the world of Digital and Tech.

Last year was marked by many global events, but also personal ones. We started the year with forest fires in Australia, much of the biodiversity was threatened, it was at the same time a great realization, that global warming was not something we could underestimate. Simultaneously we saw a small virus appear in China with […]