JOLT was born to shake up the age-old model. To change up the industry normal.

  • We truly understand the challenges facing todays marketers to ensure both short term wins as well as long term brand-building.
  • We find ways to maximise media budget – harnessing the power of
    both strong strategy and, precisely where needed, a vast array of tech innovations.
  • We believe that those who don’t embrace the available tech in today’s rapidly evolving media landscape risk being left increasingly vulnerable to competitors.

Meet Our Team


Jonathan Ng

Strategy & Planning Director


Jonathan Pay

Head of Media Execution


Wanqing Yu

Digital Executive

Up-to-the minute global tech solution expertise

For the average marketer it’s nigh on in impossible to stay ahead of the game when it comes to the world of tech. There are already over 8,000 different offers available.

Our clients see us as the perfect balance of media strategy expertise and optimised tech-tool curators to power up plans through both Jolt approved tech and our own proprietary tech.

Months of Groundwork

In the foundation phases we spent months deep-diving into the world of Adtech and Martech to hone our expertise in understanding and navigating this world.

It’s a world that is constantly moving and evolving so we partner with pioneers and industry curators to realise our vision of being able to continuously offer clients the best of the best tried-and-tested tech and stay on top of all new advancements and innovations.